21 Weeks

I originally met Melanie through a Facebook group for medical parents in the Bow Valley even before we officially moved to Canmore. She and I connected a few times online and decided we needed to go for coffee. We immediately bonded over our love of photography and our shared experience as the primary caregiver andContinue reading “21 Weeks”

Let’s Talk

It has been five Let’s Talk Days since my dad died by suicide. For people just learning about Bell Let’s Talk Day, that means my dad has been gone for five years. Below is the first of many blogs I have written about his death. It is the first post I wrote really addressing myContinue reading “Let’s Talk”


I’m still in the process of organizing all of my thoughts after attending the Children’s Healthcare Canada Conference in Ottawa earlier this week, but I wanted to begin to share what I have been thinking about. A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend this conference by the Stollery Children’s Hospital Family Centred Care Network.Continue reading “#ChildHealthCan2019”