I want to tell your story.

You are strong.

You are resilient.

There is beauty in your story.

In each and every detail.

This is my why…

Photography helps me process what has happened with my own son.
Seeing myself in our family’s story has helped me to heal.
Taking photos and showing other families the beauty of their story is important to me.

You’re Here for a Reason

Join our community of photographers and families
normalizing and documenting life
with medically complex kids.


Why Medical Families?

This is me…well, the me of 4 years ago. This is also me…a more recent version of me. I am a medical mom. I am an advocate. I am a storytelling photographer. I share the story of our lives.Partly, so our family can see us.Partly, so other families can see themselves.But mostly for me, becauseContinue reading “Why Medical Families?”

Click with Kids figures

Figuring it Out

Click with Kids Project #5 I don’t know about you, but we have a ton of figures in our house; Avengers action figures, Playmobil people, the little green army soldiers like the guys in Toy Story… But the characters that have taken over our lives, the ones that are everywhere, in every nook and cranny ofContinue reading “Figuring it Out”

I want to tell your story.

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