I want to photograph your story.

Because you are strong.

Because you are resilient.

There is beauty in your story.

In each and every detail.

This is my why…

Photography helps me process what has happened with my own son.
Seeing myself in our family’s story has helped me to heal.
Making photos and showing other families the beauty of their story is important to me.

You’re Here for a Reason

Join our community of photographers and families
normalizing and documenting life
with medically complex kids.


Happy Heart Day

Here’s the photography project invitation I sent out on Facebook recently. FYI the image above is actually just one image in a slideshow, swipe left or click the arrows to see the rest of the images. Trying something new. I would love to see your images of heart projects, paper or otherwise. Feel free toContinue reading “Happy Heart Day”

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21 Weeks

I originally met Melanie through a Facebook group for medical parents in the Bow Valley even before we officially moved to Canmore. She and I connected a few times online and decided we needed to go for coffee. We immediately bonded over our love of photography and our shared experience as the primary caregiver andContinue reading “21 Weeks”

Just Another Day

Life with a medical kid is interesting. There are times where our family is pretty normal, well, you know, as normal as any family is! And then there are times where it feels like the medical appointments and discussions about challenges and where to go next take over. We are in that right now. InContinue reading “Just Another Day”

I want to tell your story.

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