The Gift of Photos

Together we can change how medical and special needs families are perceived.

You can help me connect real medical and special needs families with organizations dedicated to sharing authentic stories.

Let’s make this happen

“When I learned about what Kristy does I thought to myself…. here is the photographer I have been looking for!

Thank you so much Kristy! These pictures are so precious. I have had big hot tears, and laughed, and felt seen watching this little slideshow.”

Ali, Jacob’s Mom

A caregiver is putting chapstick on a boy in a wheelchair.

The everyday successes and challenges medical and special needs families face are just as important for families to see about themselves, as they are for the wider world to see.
The strength, resilience, struggle and hope of these families deserves to be acknowledged and validated.

Are you are a medical family open to sharing your story?

If the answer is yes…we will work together to decide whether you are open to sharing images with a variety of organizations or if you have a particular organization in mind. You will receive a storytelling photography session, a slideshow, and the high resolution digital files at no cost.

Are you an organization looking for authentic images of medical families?

The medical community is shifting to patient and family centred care models. Your organization’s commitment to this starts with your communication. Connect with me to discuss what this looks like for your organization and how you can support families.

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