Sharing My Heart

Photography has been a major part of my own personal mental health and healing journey. By documenting our lives through my words and my images, I share what is happening in our world for others to see — our family members and other families. My hope is other families living medical stories will see themselves through what I share and feel less alone. The process of photographing, writing, and talking about our medical journey helps me to heal.

I share my family’s story in hopes that other parents can see that they are not alone. With my camera and my words, I want to create space for myself and for others to heal.

In September 2019, Raz of Slice of Love Photography came to photograph our family. She documented our story of Kane’s second heart surgery. I will never have the words to adequately thank Raz for capturing images of me.

The medical mom.
The caregiver.
The photographer.
The heart warrior.
Because I was there, too.

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