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My Book

What’s your story?
Let’s help you heal.

Photography is an expression. It is a way to convey how you’re feeling with one single shot.

Pictures can speak a thousand words, capturing raw—pure moments in time for all to see and feel.

The first time Kane was in hospital, I struggled with how to show my family and friends what was happening. There was so much going on, and I wanted to be there for my son every step of the way, not talking on the phone and texting. I did the only thing that seemed natural to me in a moment that was so unnatural—I reached for my camera.

Photography became my creative outlet and as I captured photos, chronicling the events of Kane’s medical journey, I started to tell a story—a story that has allowed me to heal.

It is a story of strength…
A story of resilience…
A story of perseverance…
A story of determination … but most of all, it is a story of love.

This book touches on Kane’s story and how you can narrate through photography. No matter what journey you’re on, telling it can help you heal.

The front cover of Tell Your Story Through Photography by Kristy Wolfe

Tell Your Story Through Photography by Kristy Wolfe

This book is a collaboration between three heart warriors…

Photo credit: Kristy Wolfe

Kane is a heart warrior.

“My name is Kane. But some people call me Iron Kane. Because I have a pacemaker. It is like an arc reactor. I take pictures at the hospital.”

Kane Wolfe age 7
Photo credit: Kane Wolfe

I am a heart warrior.

“I share the story of our lives. Partly, so our family can see us. Partly, so other families can see themselves. But mostly for me, because it helps me to heal.”

Kristy Wolfe
Photo credit: In Her Image

Raz is a heart warrior.

“I photograph heart families. I was there to tell Kane’s heart surgery story. For him. For his family. For me.”

Rhianna Sgardner-Meems of
Slice of Love Photography

Watch the Story

Proceeds from the sale of Tell Your Story Through Photography
will go toward Pay It Forward photography sessions
for medical, special needs and palliative families.

Books also available at

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