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Meet Kristy

This is me…

Kristy Wolfe Photography Speaker Photo credit Dalystock
Photo credit: Karrie Daly of Dalystock

My experience as a medical mom lies at the heart of my passion for documentary style photography. Based in Canmore, Alberta with my husband and two sons, I have been telling stories through photography for the past 7 years. I am also an educator and speaker.

When my son Kane was born 8 weeks early in 2012, I had my camera with me during most of the 54 days we spent in the NICU. Six months later I began sharing my family’s story through images, photographing our time in the hospital during Kane’s heart surgery in 2013 and again in 2019.

My early career began with photographing Ronald McDonald House families. I have since worked with many medical families and am passionate about telling their stories both in and out of hospital, helping them see their strength and resilience.

I offer storytelling photography sessions for families and companies, as well as Pay It Forward sessions that can be gifted to medical, special needs, or palliative families.

My background as a teacher inspires my love for mentoring others. My most recent projects are about teaching others how to tell their own story through photography.

I share my family’s story in hopes that others can see that they are not alone. With my camera and my words, I want to create space for others to heal.


But friends, this is also me…

Kristy Wolfe crying while standing over her son's hospital bed following his open heart surgery at the Stollery Children's Hospital. Photo credit Slice of Love Photography
Photo Credit: Rhianna Sgardner-Meems of Slice of Love Photography

I am a medical mom…

"Transfer of Strength" Photo credit Slice of Love Photography
Photo Credit: Rhianna Sgardner-Meems of Slice of Love Photography

This is my heart warrior…

Kane entertaining himself during an echocardiogram at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary.

This is my other warrior…

My younger warrior shooting his Two Brothers bow and arrow while camping.

This is us, The Wolfe Pack Warriors…

The Wolfe Pack Warriors photo credit Erika Mann
Photo Credit: Erika Mann of Two Mann

I share the story of our lives.
Partly, so our family can see us.
Partly, so other families can see themselves.
But mostly for me, because photographing, writing, and talking about our successes and challenges helps me to heal.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to during the pandemic…

Tell Your Story Through Photography by Kristy Wolfe

Shoring Up the Gaps with Sharon Henifin Sharing Stories with Helen Rose

When you go through something as serious as surviving breast cancer, it is often said that yourperspective on life changes and you realize what is truly important to you. But what happens in between the treatment and a return to so-called ‘regular life’ as a cancer survivor?Having gone through treatment for breast cancer, a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery herself, Sharon was asked to help guide women going through the aftermath of cancer treatment. Realizing there was a much broader need for support, Sharon co-founded Breast Friends, an organization that helps cancer survivors take back their power, with programs, retreats and workshops designed to help women create a road map for their life beyond cancer.Later, Sharon was given the opportunity to make an impact on women’s health in countries whereeducation around breast health and cancer was severely lacking. As the co-founder of Breast Advocates International, her mission is to educate and support women, advocating for early detection of breast cancer in the hopes of reducing mortality in countries that do not have access to diagnostic imaging.In this episode:1. The truth is in the eyes (Intro).2. The gift after the chaos (5:20).3. Finding my birth-mother (13:01).4. Illness along family lines (20:00).5. Advocating for women’s health in other countries (26:15).6. Pandemic times, connection and other blessings (35:55).7. Discovering the important things in life (38:33).Connect with SharonSharon’s book, “Thriving Beyond Cancer: Hope, Understanding, and Validation for the Cancer Survivor” is available on Amazon. If you would like to connect with Sharon, you can find her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharonhenifin/Connect with HelenIf you or someone you know is looking for support while going through the emotional healing process of dealing with a health crisis, writing about it can bring about profound healing. To register for or find out more information about Helen’s next Journaling Retreat, visit http://www.thegiftofbeingpresent.com.
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I want to help you tell your story.

I am based in Canmore, Alberta.

Please connect with me to discuss travel within Canada.