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Throwback Post: A Day in My 2015 Life

This post is a throwback to the very first time I did an entire day in the life. This post was originally published in October 2015 and I am bringing it out of retirement to share with my Personal Photography Projects class through artsPlace. I love looking back to see just how far my photography has come!

Before you jump into my story, here’s a little info about the process I went through to get to this point. On Wednesday I took over 800 shots of what we did. My first time through the photos I culled it down to 175 images. My second time through the photos left me with 94 edited images. I then submitted my gallery to my instructors and peers in my course The Business of Telling Stories. Based on the story I wanted to tell and the feedback from my instructors, I’ve culled it down even further to tell my story.

Here are a couple thoughts I included in the October 2015 post…
“I can still see a number of areas where I can improve. I don’t really have anything that transitions the viewer from my naked kids to being outside in the bike. It’s because I was freaking busy getting these two ready to go, but I need to consciously pick up my camera to ensure that the story makes sense. But I also recognize there has been a lot of growth in the three weeks since I began this class.”

Here are my thoughts now with almost 5 more years of experience under my belt…
Why are there so many pictures and what was I thinking with all of the black and white conversions? Also those kids are pretty darn cute!

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