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You’re Here for a Reason

Documenting life with medically complex kids is so important.

Families need to see themselves, their strength, their resilience, their struggle and their hope.
Telling stories for families in and out of hospital is what I am passionate about.

“Life can be tricky, there isn’t a doubt. You’ll skin your knees trying to figure it out.

But life works together, the good and the bad, the silly and awful, and happy and sad, to paint a big picture we can’t always see…a picture that needs you, most definitely.

Remember that next time a day goes all wrong…to somebody else, you will always be strong.”

You’re Here for a Reason, by Nancy Tillman

Being a medical mom myself means I have had to learn to advocate for my son and our family. Advocating for my family has also taught me a lot about supporting other families in hospital or with medically complex kids.

I would be honoured to tell your story.

Family Stories

Every family has a story to tell.

I am so grateful to each of the families that have shared their story with me. 

It is my pleasure and my honour to document their lives.

What’s your story?

Community Stories

Stories drive action.

I tell visual stories for organizations throughout the Bow Valley and across Alberta.

How are you sharing your story?

Together Project

Together is a collaborative photography project with my 7 year old heart warrior.

Together is a project Kane and I are doing to tell OUR story of hospital life.

Together. Together we learn. Together we heal.

Click with Kids

Photography in education

Click with Kids is a monthly photography newsletter geared to educators and parents interested in building photography skills together with kids.

21 Weeks Project

More details coming soon…

I want to help you tell your story.

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