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Podcasts with Kristy Wolfe

Podcasts are a powerful storytelling medium.
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Leading Through Stories Podcast

Leading Through Stories, is an authentic conversation about successes, learnings and sometimes the things we would rather forget. Mary, Kristy and Helen believe everyone is a leader from where they stand and that we all have a story to tell. By sharing our stories, we create connections, build relationships and support ourselves and each other through comfortable as well as uncomfortable experiences.

A Physician’s Lens with Heather Patterson Leading Through Stories with Mary, Kristy & Helen

Season 2 Episode 7 of Leading Through Stories is focused around Heather’s experience photographing hospital staff and patient experiences during the pandemic.One of our favourite parts was when Heather talked about her takeaways from the project including the idea that you can find moments of goodness, kindness and compassion in even the hardest situations. Her reminder is to look for those moments. IN THIS EPISODE0:30 Introducing Heather Patterson2:00 Photographing for mental health6:00 Burnout in health care9:00 Advice for new physicians15:00 Process of creating a book18:00 Variety in storyteller perspective21:00 Sharing images and where to find Heather’s book26:00 Heather’s takeaways30:00 Book giveaway detailsA LITTLE MORE ABOUT HEATHER PATTERSONHeather is an adult and pediatric emergency physician and award winning photographer from Calgary, Alberta.  When the pandemic struck, Patterson decided to put her twenty years of photography experience to use and began photographing the intimate moments at Calgary hospitals that went on to become Shadows and Light, her recent book publication. Photographs from the project have been featured in Macleans, where they received an Honourable Mention in the National Magazine Awards, and the Calgary Herald and on CBC, CityNews, Global News, and CTV.  Patterson has received the Award for Medical Journalism from the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians and her work has been featured in medical journals and presented at conference and grand rounds across Canada.She is actively involved in education and mentorship of medical residents and believes in the importance of authenticity and vulnerability for creating community and fostering career longevity.INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT HEATHER’S WORK? * Website: https://www.heatherpattersonphotography.com/* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heather.l.patterson/Don't miss an episode from Leading Through Stories! Sign up for the Leading Through Stories newsletter or follow us on Instagram
  1. A Physician’s Lens with Heather Patterson
  2. Digital Storytelling with Kristy Wolfe
  3. Body Positive with Fiona Groves
  4. Managing the Holidays with Helen Rose
  5. Burnout Recovery with Dr. Lisa Belanger

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Give Amplify Connect Podcast

Give*Amplify*Connect is a podcast created by the Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation to amplify the work of Alberta based charitable organizations.

Little Warriors with Glori Meldrum Give * Amplify * Connect

In this, our first episode of Give Amplify Connect, we are talking with Glori Meldrum. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Glori founded Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch, a first-of-its-kind, world-class, evidence-based treatment centre to help children, teens and families around the world who have been impacted by sexual abuse.  Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization based in Alberta, Canada focused on the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. They also advocate on behalf of and with child sexual abuse survivors. The organization’s most recent project is the creation of Our Lighthouse – a treatment centre for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.Who do you know that could benefit from knowing about Little Warriors? In this episode:Little Warriors and The Be Brave Ranch. (Intro)God’s whisper. (6:00) Mental health: surrender, grit, and resilience. (12:19)Our Lighthouse. (20:09)How can you help? (24:22)Who inspires you? (28:26)About Our GuestGlori Meldrum is a business leader, sexual abuse survivor, mother, author, motivational speaker, and non-profit founder, with a driving passion to protect our children and advocate for sexual abuse survivors. A charismatic catalyst, Glori has an undeniable gift for cutting through the noise and unearthing opportunities to create positive change.Her ability to channel her experiences into life-changing initiatives for others demonstrates the resilience and greater purpose of her soul. Her work at Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch has led to ground-breaking, science-backed, and trauma-informed treatment for child sexual abuse survivors and their families. One of the lessons that Glori’s experience has taught her is to be more present and to allow herself to be vulnerable. By sharing her story and vulnerabilities it has allowed her to feel more whole, happy, and content in life. It is in that vulnerability and leading from a place of love that she started to build beautiful things. What started off as a dream, has changed the course of so many lives and it continues to for future generations.Find out how you can help Little Warriors. Give Amplify Connect is a podcast created by the Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation to amplify the work of Alberta based charitable organizations. We work with charities in Alberta creating opportunities for: ● Access to the Outdoors and Athletics● Children and their Families● Women’s Education & LeadershipConnect with the Wolfe Pack Warriors FoundationPodcast music used with artist permission"Okay" by Ellen Braun http://www.ellenbraun.bandcamp.com/track/okay

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RAW Collective Podcast

RAW (rad, active, women) Collective Podcast is hosted by Sarah Freeman, Andria Lauren, and Kristy Wolfe three brave, badass, big-hearted women to create collective, raw, unfiltered monthly conversations with YOU!

Belonging Exactly How You Are With Makaylah RAW Podcast

In this episode of RAW Podcast, I sit down with Makaylah from Canmore Alberta!Dive into this amazing podcast with Makaylah, full of heart, vulnerability, belonging, and bravery!Thank you, everyone, for listening to RAW Podcast, please comment, and spread the love by sharing RAW Podcast within your communities, this is how we grow!With love,Sarah FreemanPS: To find out more about Frankie D's Donuts head on over to IG @frankiedsdonuts or frankiedsdonuts.com
  1. Belonging Exactly How You Are With Makaylah
  2. RAW Collective Podcast: International Women's Day 2023
  3. RAW Podcast: Consistency, and Slowing Down
  4. RAW Collective Podcast: The Collective Wisdom of High Performing Women, Book
  5. RAW Collective Podcast: Women Entrepreneurs Part 2

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Guest Feature Podcasts

Storytelling with a Purpose
A Memory Fox Production

Digital Storytelling to Empower P2P Fundraising

Get ready for a packed episode where we sit down with digital storytelling guru Kristy Wolfe! Kristy shares her riveting background story and how she got hooked on the art of storytelling. We explore the juicy details of what makes a story great and how to craft a compelling one that keeps your audience on the edge of their seats.

With the impact of digital technology, we dive into the endless opportunities for digital storytelling in the future and get a sneak peek of Kristy’s epic process from start to finish. Buckle up as she share on her approach to choosing the perfect medium for each story. And of course, we wrap it all up with the ultimate advice for aspiring digital storytellers.

Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society Podcast Series

Episode 76: Newstalk PCICS Meeting Recap

Join us for this recap of our December 2022 PCICS meeting in Miami. Hear about the science, community, and important team contributions to our field, including the important role of the patient’s family and the bedside nurse. Several guests join us to discuss all the things they learned and how they might change their practice.

Their discussion of inclusion of the parent perspective at this year’s meeting starts around the 10:00 minute mark and focuses on Kristy’s session, The Importance of Telling & Sharing Your Story – Using Digital Storytelling to Foster Healing and Resilience.

Denton’s Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship Podcast Series

Episode 40: Why businesses should leverage digital storytelling to engage their customers

Join Heather Barnhouse, Partner in our Edmonton office, as she explores women in leadership and entrepreneurship, and the ecosystem that supports them. In episode 40, Heather is joined by Kristy Wolfe, owner of Kristy Wolfe Photography and one of the leaders at Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation, a foundation representing the philanthropic efforts of Wolfe Automotive Group, a company founded in Alberta in 1921. Kristy talks about the importance of digital storytelling and how organizations can leverage the medium to grow engagement with their audiences.

Chronically Simple – Simply Unbreakable Podcast

Episode 007: Photography to Normalize the Medical Journey with Kristy Wolfe

Welcome to another episode of Simply Unbreakable brought to you by Chronically Simple. Your hosts, Kristy Dickinson and Brenda Agnew are welcoming Kristy Wolfe, who is a storyteller photographer and a mom of two wonderful kids. Kristy is sharing in today’s episode her amazing capacity to capture unique moments in photographs, pictures that are proof of resilience, that help to keep perspective and clarity over what was overcome and conquered, showing the effort invested in the journey.

Scribe National’s Changemaker Conversations Interview Series with Afton Brazoni

This interview is the ninth in a series of conversations with marketers, communicators and business owners who are moving their companies forward in exciting ways, with a focus on the people they serve.

Kristy Wolfe’s experience as a medical mom lies at the heart of her passion for documentary style photography.

Kristy has been telling stories through photography for the past 7 years. She is also an educator and speaker. Kristy’s early career began with photographing Ronald McDonald families. She has since worked with many medical families and is passionate about telling their stories both in and out of hospital, helping them see their strength and resilience.

The Gift of Being Present – Sharing Stories with Helen Rose

Helen Rose is a speaker, author, and coach known for her ability to move, educate, and relate to crowds with her motivation and humour. It soon becomes evident she is passionate, talks with her hands, and has enormous energy.

She believes in the endurance of the human spirit and uses ample (yet perfectly and appropriately placed) f-bombs. Her journey has given her the voice to share her story with others who may have traveled along similar paths.

Are you ready to tell your story?