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Tell Your Story Photography Workshops

Kristy Wolfe Photography Speaker

I work with both kids and adults to create visual stories and develop personal photography projects.
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This year everyone is more aware of their mental health so let’s talk about photography as a self care strategy.

Photography projects are how I take care of my mental health and I would love to help you do the same. Joining me requires no skills greater than the ability to click on a Zoom link and operate a camera of your choice (smartphones absolutely acceptable!)

Tell Your Story

We all have a story. Well, really, we all have many stories we have lived. And let’s be honest this year has had no shortage of tough stuff. This photography talk is focused on you and your story. We’ll begin by looking at how personal photography projects can help you reframe your story to see your own strength and resilience. Then together, we will work through a storytelling framework to help you focus in on your purpose for telling a visual story and the details you want to document. This session could support you in repurposing images you already have or inspire you to document your story in a new way.

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In a few simple exercises Kristy offered a profound invitation to see and use photography to capture the joys, grief, profound and sacred ground of everyday family life. No matter what the challenges.


Kristy Wolfe Photography