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Online Photography Courses

Learn about photography online

Take your photography to the next level with two online courses, ‘Tell Your Story Through Photography’ and ‘Photography with Kids’. Kristy Wolfe guides you on an inspiring learning journey that will help you take more meaningful photos.

Explore the next step in your storytelling journey.

Tell Your Story Through Photography $259

This self-guided course will help you understand the process of photographing the stories you want to tell 📸.

We all have a story. Well, really, we all have many stories we have lived. The ‘Tell Your Story Through Photography’ course focuses on you and your story. This course is perfect for anyone:

  • new to photography
  • who loves photography already and would like to take more photos
  • already telling their story

This course will support you in better understanding the process of photographing the stories you want to tell.

‘Tell Your Story Through Photography’ is a self-study, project-based course where learners will work with educator and professional photographer, Kristy Wolfe.

Course Benefits:

  • Discover out how personal photography projects can help you reframe your story 
  • Learn a storytelling framework to help you plan and photograph a story
  • Support your growth with two in depth photography projects 
  • Be offered ideas and resources for where to go next
  • Have the opportunity to check in with Kristy during monthly online coffee conversations and happy hour chats
  • Gain access to 1/2 price one on one mentoring sessions with Kristy

Photography with Kids $99

Capture moments with your kids in a fun, project based course created by Kristy, a mom, a teacher and a photographer 📸

Whether you are thinking about telling visual stories with your own family or about student learning, Photography With Kids will help you get there. The lessons incorporate both home and classroom stories, and include quick projects as well as more in-depth options. Together we will be building on basic documentary photography skills to help you create authentic learning stories.

Photography With Kids is a self study, project-based course where participants will learn with Kristy Wolfe, a teacher and professional photographer.


  • Develop your own storytelling photography skills
  • Have an opportunity to learn more about photography with an important person in your life
  • Practice skills with six different introductory Click with Kids projects
  • Dive deeper with photo book and day in the life projects
  • Capture memories and tell stories together
  • Find out about ideas and resources for where to go next

Meet your teacher

Kristy Wolfe is a Photographer and Common Language DST certified digital storyteller. She helps people and values based organizations tell their most impactful stories.

Her most recent and impactful projects focus on teaching others how to narrate their own experiences through photography and digital storytelling.

Based in Canmore, Alberta with her husband, Harrison, and two sons, Kane and Maverick, Kristy has been telling stories through photography for the past eight years.

“I hired Kristy for a photography mentoring session, specifically regarding the business side of things, and found it was definitely a worthwhile investment. The session was jam-packed full of valuable information, feedback and advice that has helped propel me forward into the world of photography. I’m really thankful to know she is just a click away for when I need her again. Thanks again for everything.”
~ Caroline Keats, Photographer

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