About Me

About MeI am a natural light, storytelling photographer.

You are probably wondering “What does that even mean?!” For me it means I have never totally been able to figure out how a flash is supposed to look natural. I know there are ways. Just like I know some people’s goal with make-up is to look like they are not wearing any. That’s just not me. As for the more important storytelling piece, I want to tell the story of your family in all of its beautiful chaos. Sure I love a really beautiful portrait of my kids, particularly if I’m in it as well, who doesn’t? But what I really love…what I can never get enough of…are images that document what my family is really like. Images that document my family’s truth. Images that document my family’s beautiful chaos. The good, the bad, the times I feel like ugly crying.

My About Me section used to say “My passion is for capturing everyday adventures; whether this involves showing off a much-loved toy, participating in a favourite activity, or interacting with the people who are important to you. I love having a starting point for a session and then seeing how our time together develops.”

What it should have said is “My passion is for honestly documenting family life; whether this involves coming to your house in the middle of dinner, heading to the playground or spending time with you in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. There are beautiful moments happening constantly and these are the ones I cherish. It honestly doesn’t matter where we are or what you are wearing. It’s all about who you are with. I want to shoot you; with the people you love in all their snot-faced glory. Oh and I want it all to unfold as it may. We’ll pick a time and we’ll see what happens.”

About Me-2

I am a wife. I am a mom of two boys and one golden retriever. I am a grade one teacher. I am a peer mentor at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. I may not have seen it all, but I can honestly say that I am rarely surprised. I mentioned our family has two boys right? Lay it all out there for me.


Photo credit: Gin Quist Photography

I document my family, particularly my boys Kane and Maverick, and post about us every week. This year’s project is titled The Stories We Live and last year it was This is Us. To see what else I offer head over to my Session Info page. 

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very poignant and truly honouring and touching piece about your Dad and the issue of mental health. You’ve illustrated the dilemma many have about the topic, the compassion one needs to accept the results and the integrity you have to continue to move forward. I am so sorry for your loss, and thank you for your words, which I will share.
    Sincerely – Sheri Long

  2. I may have said this before, but I think the fact that you particularly want to photograph “medically fragile” babies is lovely. I’m sure the families of these children really appreciate that little bit of ‘normality’ it brings them. (Writing as an ex-medically fragile baby (congenital heart defect – still a slightly medically fragile adult!)). Also, again. love your photos! I have a ridiculous number of B but they’re mainly not online. She is a very photogenic baby!

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