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Click with Kids: Figuring it Out

Click with Kids figures

Click with Kids Project #5

I don’t know about you, but we have a ton of figures in our house; Avengers action figures, Playmobil people, the little green army soldiers like the guys in Toy Story… But the characters that have taken over our lives, the ones that are everywhere, in every nook and cranny of our house, are LEGO figures.

They seem to become a part of the family, so the boys and I have spent some time photographing them.

Often when we have time to work on our photo projects, it’s dark out already, and awfully cold, so we’ve also had to talk about how important it is to keep your body still when you take a photo.

We’ll sometimes spend a little time to take another shot and compare the two. They definitely can see which image is sharper and sometimes it’s just about taking a few extra seconds to get your body set.

The boys were also getting a big kick out of putting lego in unexpected places and taking photos.

We had to draw the line at actually putting LEGO in the toilet.
Sorry, boys.

Click with Kids is a monthly photography newsletter geared to educators and parents interested in building photography skills together with kids.

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