The Stories We Live – 30 of 52

The boys have been on the trail of Boggybottom Wolfe’s long lost treasure for a few weeks now. This package was the 6th and final piece of mail they received. It all began with a warning about a pirate curse, a code and a key and ended with a letter from the police, a newspaper article about Stumpy Joe Morgan being arrested, and a treasure chest.

The boys have been rehashing the details throughout the day, looking at the maps and letters, and making up stories about the treasure. Then during Mommy’s sanity quiet time Kane was using our little point and shoot to take photos of some of the booty.


This ring had the initials BB on it. 

Kane and I spent some time looking through the photos together and then we set up another shot which included a number of things Kane thought were important. We talked about being close to a window for light and keeping our own shadow out of the way when taking the picture. He decided he wanted all of the things pointing to the river where the treasure was found.


PS Mav was sleeping at this point which is how this was successful!

The boys don’t know it but this was a gift from their Nana Cheryl. Treasure Hunt is one of two options for younger kids through Mail Order Mystery. Our big cousins (and I) loved it too and they were really helpful with deciphering codes! I made sure to report back to Nana that it was a hit. Can’t wait for the next one Nana!

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