I’m Ready, What’s Next – 3rd Edition

Courage and Connection


Wolfe Pack art


So Canmore…

I have to be honest, it doesn’t really feel courageous to move to a new place. It’s something I have done many times before, the only difference is now I have kids, aka responsibility.


I think my husband Harrison’s moving plan looks something like this:

  1. sell house
  2. buy house
  3. move

Here’s my slightly more complicated moving plan…

  1. What am I going to do for work? I don’t think I’m cut out to full time parent!
  2. Where will Kane go to school? Will people accept him? How will starting school work with heart surgery dates?
  3. Where is Mav going to go during the day? How is he going to adjust?
  4. Do they even have a pediatrician in a town the size of Canmore? Who will be our cardiologist in Calgary? What about our orthopedic surgeon for Kane’s scoliosis?
  5. How am I going to find a new favourite physio/masseuse/chiropractor/hair stylist/yoga spot/gym…
  6. Oh my god…we need to sell our house! 
  7. Where are we going to live? The price of a house in Canmore is what?!? Where can we park our trailer so we can live there?
  8. ….
  9. ….
  10. ….


    101. Which box should I unpack first?


   157. Wait, but what am I going to do for a job!?!

But honestly you guys, I feel like I am checking things off in all 600 collections in my bullet journal. What is a bullet journal you may ask…only the thing saving my sanity right now! Some of my collection titles are things like furniture to sell, daycare options (which are minimal!), packing lists for a rental vs if we buy, Canmore photographers to contact…the lists go on and on and on…but you can find them all easily in my index ; )

Oh and Kane decided he should have a page in my bullet journal. 

bullet journal-3

Police and the lifecycle of a butterfly…yup we have the same patterns of thought

Somewhere in my moving plan probably around #46 is connect with Erika Mann of Two Mann Studios. Check 

Panic attack #61 involves trying to figure out where I go for a glass of wine and who I go with? Still trying to figure that one out. Maybe that ties back to #46 too.

After the big stuff, it is all about connections. Wait…maybe the big stuff is also all about connections. 

One of the things I am most grateful for already is how many people have reached out to share information and stories with me about Canmore. The people they know. The places they love. Facebook groups I should join. It fills my bucket (what will I do if I don’t teach grade one who will even know what I am talking about?!) 

One of my most uplifting days was when I first talked to Keri, the admin at the pediatricians office in Canmore (yes they have two pediatricians in Canmore!) When Keri found out we were moving to Canmore she took the time to talk to me about different Facebook groups and websites I should be looking at for everything from housing to childcare. She later found me on Facebook and has been checking in on me ever since. After talking with Keri the same thing happened two more times that day! I think I am moving to the right place!

We definitely do not have everything figured out. But I know things will work out and I know that my pack whether they know me through the education world, the hospital world, the photography world or the raising little humans world will be there to help me make connections or at least listen to me vent when I am overwhelmed. 

My pack has been howling! They have been encouraging me, sharing connections which in turn has supported me in continuing to find my courage. So thank you. You all mean the world to me. And once we have a place, you are all invited to stay (though I may need some kind of scheduling app to manage that!)

Oh and please tell me more!

What do you love about Canmore? Where should we go? Who are your people? Where are your places? I want to know it all!

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