I’m Ready, What’s Next – 2nd Edition


At the beginning of May, I headed to Florida for the first ever Storyteller’s Photo Conference. I was so freaking excited. Imagine four days in Miami, after travelling there all by myself and meeting a bunch of people I had never met before.  Actually I can imagine many people would think that sounds awful. To me, it’s like a dream come true…and we’ll be talking about documentary and storytelling photography the whole time?!?!

When I got there I found I had trouble saying the words “I am a photographer.” I kept telling people I was a teacher, which is true, and yet not totally true. I am not the best photographer. I don’t plan on becoming the best photographer. But I am passionate about telling stories through pictures. 


…challenge the idea…our journey…our craft must be cultivated…you tell them Ryan!

By the time I was headed home I was again saying “I am a photographer.”  In fact I just re-read my blog post reflecting on the conference and this is my favourite sentence…

Storytellers feels like the beginning of the next chapter of my photography journey.

The beginning of May was a crazy time for me. I was away at that Storyteller’s conference, I prepared and presented a session called Expressing Grief through Photography, and then headed to and Educational leadership conference in Banff where I was presenting on using photography in schools and with kids. Oh and I was also parenting, teaching, and being a wife (I tried to use the word wifing  but it just didn’t quite work)

When I got back from Florida my husband, Harrison, said, “How would you feel about moving to Canmore?” 

Now, we’ve talked about the possibility of moving before and I balked. I didn’t quite make up excuses as to why we shouldn’t but I relied heavily on things that tie us to Edmonton, the Stollery Children’s Hospital, my career, our friends… This was different. Canmore was different. I can see myself in Canmore. I can see our family in Canmore. Every time I have ever visited Canmore I have thought about how much I would love to live there and tried to figure out ways to make it a reality. Canmore is where Harrison and I chose to get married. You might have seen us. It was eight years ago at Murrieta’s and afterwards I could be found dancing at the Drake in my wedding dress. There may have been some Jagermeister on that dress. Many thanks to my aunt who owns Karen Smith Photography for capturing our day and propelling me into my passion for photography. 

Anyway at the beginning of May, Canmore was just a possibility. In fact, it only became official “enough” by the last week of school when I told my staff I wouldn’t be returning to Mayfield next year. I just wrote about those awful days last week in my first I’m Ready What’s Next post. And Canmore only became public knowledge…well, whatever day you are reading this. 

But as soon as Harrison said “How would you feel about moving to Canmore?” I was planning ways to build my photography business. I originally started my business back in early 2014, but it has always been something on the side and more often than not it has earned me enough to go to a conference each year and the right to not feel so guilty about spending time away from my family for voluntography sessions

But I think this is the universe telling me it’s time. So I took money out of my TFSA and I hired myself a photography mentor. I am telling people and writing about my dreams. And I committed to posting to Instagram daily and responding to other people’s posts. This one is not my favourite. One of the reasons I am finding this difficult is because prior to this I was consciously trying to spend less time on technology and now I find I am on it even more. So please, please, please follow me on Instagram. Help me to make it feel like Instagram is worth the time and energy I am putting into it! Even if you unfollow me right after #timesuck

But seriously, you guys,

the Wolfe Pack is moving to Canmore!


This could be the beginning of the next chapter of my photography journey.

And I am going to become a storytelling, Insta-god while I’m at it! #pleasehelp @kristy.wolfe

6 thoughts on “I’m Ready, What’s Next – 2nd Edition

  1. Awesome news, Kristy and Harrison. What is life w/o a little risk. I look forward to continued ventures with the Wolfe pack. Cheers!

  2. Well I am extremely jealous ! Sooo fun! I guess we will have to go to Canmore for our next family photos ☺️

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