The Stories We Live – 23 of 52

We stopped by Calgary last weekend to hang out with Grandpa Bob.

We ate Grandpa’s favourite cookies…

drove his vehicles…

and delivered an early Father’s Day gift.

Last weekend at the Fort Edmonton Park 50th Anniversary Homecoming event, we got Bob a signed copy of Our Living History by Carolina Roemmich. One of the pages Bob is looking at is about Merrill Wolfe, Bob’s father. Can you figure out which of the kids in the family photo is Bob?

Now, as life would have it I connected with Carolina. Shocking, I know.  I learned that we have a few friends in common and then tonight as I was responding to a message from her on Facebook I found out that she has recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Cara is a writer, a single mom of four kids and a powerful presence in her community. Please consider donating to the Go Fund Me page Cara’s friend has set up to help cover additional medical and living expenses during treatment.

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