The Stories We Live – 22 of 52

Last weekend, the Wolfe Pack was lucky enough to spend some time at Fort Edmonton Park, one of our favourite warm weather places to explore around town. And while we were there Mav got involved in the Together project!

Now, some of you are probably thinking, “Wait a second…Fort Edmonton is closed for renovations for the next two years.” I found that out when I was unable to book my annual grade one end of year field trip. But, it turns out the park is still open for events during their enhancement projects.

So this weekend, we were at the 50th Anniversary Homecoming. Way back in 1967, a time capsule was buried at the site and it was unearthed on Wednesday by Mayor Don Iverson. The contents were on display at the Homecoming and guests were invited to add a message to the new time capsule that will be unearthed 50 years from now.

You probably can’t quite read the details, but the speech Harrison is showing Kane was delivered by Merrill Wolfe, Kane and Mav’s great-grandfather. M.E. Wolfe, as he was known, was the Chairman of the Rotary’s Fort Edmonton Park Committee and was instrumental in getting Fort Edmonton Park up and running back in the sixties. Perhaps you can pick out the gentleman in the video played at the Capitol Theatre who bears a strong resemblance to Harrison and Maverick!

Interested in getting involved? There are numerous options to donate money, artifacts or your time through both Fort Edmonton Park, as well as through the Fort Edmonton Park Foundation.

Available at the 50th Anniversary Homecoming was Carolina Roemmich’s book, Our Living History, which shares stories of the first fifty years of the Fort Edmonton Foundation and includes information and images of the Wolfe family back in the day. We bought a couple of signed copies and if you are interested they are available for order here.


Carolina Roemmich

Just to top it all off, on the way out we stopped in at the model train display where the boys somehow sweet talked some members from the Edmonton Model Railway Association in to a behind the scenes tour!

There is adult fun to be had at Fort Edmonton Park, as well. Can I interest anyone in seeing With Glowing Hearts: A Canadian Burlesque Review?

I bought tickets for the 22nd!

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