uLead Conference

These last few weeks have been amazing for building my confidence in my own photography and the vision I have for what’s next. Last week, I presented to teachers and school administrators at uLead: The Summit of Educational Leadership. My session was titled Making Learning Visible: Photographing and Co-creating Learning Stories and it went better than I expected.



Each time I present I have a clearer understanding of just how education and photography fit together for me. It was also amazing to have colleagues I look up to there to cheer me on and offer feedback following the session.


This is the second year I have attended uLead and again I am walking away with invaluable learning and new connections. One of my favourite speakers this year was Rebecca Hare, a design consultant and educator, who was asking the question “How does the space support your culture?” More ideas…


Who else wants to talk about telling learning stories? I would be happy to meet you back in Banff!


2 thoughts on “uLead Conference

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