Voluntography – April 2019

Meet Alexis.


Alexis was born on January 17th at 37 weeks with Pierre Robin Sequence. Alexis’ mom, Katie, explained that PRS is characterized by a small jaw which causes the tongue to obstruct the airway and the palate to remain open. When I met up with her family she was waiting for surgery, but that hasn’t prevented her big brothers Nixon, 5, and Jaxson, 3, from cuddling with her.


While awaiting surgery, Alexis has been able to leave her unit at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, so we headed off to the Healing Garden to explore and burn off some energy!

You may remember this family from a few years ago. I had originally met Katie and KC at Ronald McDonald House when I was presenting a Families Who Photograph session. They were there following the birth of their second son, Jaxson, who was also born with PRS and required surgery. You can peek back at their original voluntography session here. Three years later, our session looked quite a bit different as we tried to find ways to keep a few active boys entertained!

Mom mentioned Alexis is pretty stingy with the smiles, but we did manage to capture one when she was sleeping!

Alexis’ family described her as beautiful, feisty, and strong.

I’m so glad I got to meet you, Alexis. And I’m excited for you to go home with your family.


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