Voluntography – February 2019

Meet Alyanna.


This little warrior was born in October and has spent all 4 months of her life in hospital. She is scheduled for surgery at the end of March and her parents, Carmen and Tim, are hoping to take her home by the end of April.


In the storytelling questionnaire I send out to families prior to our session, I ask if there are any everyday moments that families would like documented and Carmen wrote, “The way her brother interacts with her. It’s so beautiful.” Eight year old Ryder has been by his sister’s side since day one.

Carmen went on to write,

“Our daughter was born October 3 at the Royal Alex and we spent 1 week and a day there before being transferred to the Stollery. Alyanna was born with PRS (Pierre Robin Sequence). It’s been estimated at 1 in 10 000 births. Alyanna struggled to breathe for the first 42 days of her life. She laid on her belly using a CPAP to help keep pressure against her tongue so she was able to breathe. On November 2nd she was given a trach and a g-tube.”

Alyanna has a number of siblings waiting for her at home. Though one sibling won’t be there. Alyanna is a twin. Her brother’s name is Merrick. Carmen wrote, “At 19 weeks we went in to find out the sex of the babies and that is when we found out that baby Merrick passed away. It’s very sad that we were not able to watch him grow but I know he is watching over his sister.”

I actually first met this family before Christmas at Ronald McDonald House‘s Light the House event. Below, Carmen explains just how much RMH means to them.

“On October 16, we got the call that we could move into the Ronald McDonald House, I’ve never been so thankful for a place to stay I able to be here with my son and be with my daughter. About a week before Christmas they granted my daughter day passes. I’m able to take her to Ronald McDonald House everyday, but I have to return her to the hospital at night. I tell everyone she’s my Cinderella I have to have her back before midnight or she’ll turn into a pumpkin.”

Alyanna, keep growing and getting stronger. You have a lot of people who love you.0215-Alyanna-32


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