The Stories We Live – 9 of 52

Harrison and I got to go on a whirlwind long weekend to Cabo!

We stayed at the Esperanza, which was breathtaking! The trip was hosted by Cadillac and we were there because of the hard work of the Edmonton Motors Cadillac team. While Harrison was in meetings I got to participate in morning yoga classes and just relax. That’s right the only person I had to get dressed and feed was myself! Thank you, Nana!


 On Saturday afternoon we hired a boat to head out fishing.


Harrison was ecstatic when…


He caught (and released) a 130 lb Marlin!


On our way back in to the harbour the extra bait went to the birds, which is perhaps the only time on the boat that my 85mm lens came in handy.


Harrison, sorry I couldn’t fit your whole fish in the frame. Honestly guys, I was up on top of the boat trying to pull it off!


I am definitely feeling withdrawals after spending a few days in Cabo! The sun, the people, the guacamole…


Harrison, thank you for bringing me along on the trip. I am so glad we got to spend some time together.

Nana, thank you for hanging with the boys. Yesterday they told me they had more fun with you and wanted to know when you were coming back. Though once our luggage and we gave them their Lucha Libre masks we were the favourites again!

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