The Stories We Live – 1 of 52

Well, this inaugural post of 2019 also happens to be my 500th blog post. Cue mike drop.

If you were thinking “Wow, no way! She just started her blog.” then let me use a phrase Maverick is currently obsessed with… “For Real Life” (though you kind of need to hear him say it).

For Real Life…I have had this blog for five years.

For Real Life…I have a six year old and a four year old.

For Real Life…I have been married for seven years.

For Real Life…I have been a teacher for thirteen years.

For Real Life…I have been a high school graduate for twenty years this June.

For Real Life…my hair is beginning to go gray, mainly, I am quite certain, due to any number of the before mentioned accomplishments.

I wonder what 2019 will bring. I wonder what stories will transpire. I wonder how the characters of my life will evolve. I wonder what I will become, because I don’t think I’m there yet.  PS I am currently reading Michelle Obama’s new book.

My 2019 photography goals are to complete another project 52 (The Stories We Live) and to include one blog a month that includes me and my gray hair kids. My parenting/adulting goal is to be fully present and to be more patient. Though we’ll see how that goes ; )

But without further ado, here is a little taste of our week. The Wolfe Pack spent New Year’s in Canmore where we went on our first family climbing adventure. Photography courtesy of the Wolfe cubs. 0103-yes-27


Back in Edmonton each boy has had a date with mom day, kind of known in our house as “Yes Day”. Mav’s date was a movie theatre trip to see Ralph Breaks the Internet and his choices included coloured pancakes for breakfast, ice cream before lunch, and extra playtime with Luke who had been babysitting Kane. Oh and no nap…awesome.

Kane’s date was an excursion to the new Royal Alberta Museum and his choices included pizza for breakfast, cereal for dinner, and making sure to bring home a vanilla cookie treat for Mav.

Mom is having a “Yes Day” today which involves lots of time without kids!

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