This is Us – 45 of 52

I’m so proud of these two! We have been working on earning tokens for expected behaviours and going above and beyond for other people. Kane, you got dressed all by yourself. Token! Mav, you fed Indy. Token! You solved a problem together?! Tokens all around! Each time the boys get ten tokens they can trade it in for $1. The big goal for each boy was to earn $20 and then they would get to choose a store to visit where they could spend their hard earned money.


Well, last weekend they both made it to $20! They started earning towards this goal at the end of August. And the best part is that they can lose tokens, too. I needed to ask you three times to get your shoes on? You need to give back a token. You hit your brother? You need to give him a token. So really these guys probably had to earn closer to 250 tokens to reach their goal.

No big surprise on what they chose. Though, we did do a whole lap of Toys R Us before they could start grabbing things. And Mav almost bought a spiderman figurine instead. After spending all of our money we headed to Ichiban for a sushi date with Mom and lego building for the boys.

Sunday morning I got to sleep in because the boys were so completely absorbed in playing with their new lego. Win-win! And they are well on their way to earning their first dollar again. Added bonus, Mav can easily count to ten with one to one correspondence and Kane is starting to recognize coins. Can you tell I’m gearing up for report cards?

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