Voluntography – October 2018

Meet Rylie. 1026-Rylie-9

This beautiful little warrior will be turning 2 years old on November 22nd, the same day as my time-travelling twins.

Rylie and her parents, Rainah and Chad, have spent the majority of Rylie’s life at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Rainah shared some of the details of Rylie’s story…

Rylie’s been in hospital since May 22, 2017. She’s had multiple heart surgeries since birth, her first being at 3 days old. Last year was a hard year. Rylie neared death multiple times. Her last near death last February was when her G-tube prolapsed. Rylie has many medical complications. First, her heart. It’s easy to say everything is wrong with the heart Rylie has. Second, she has a trach because she was intubated and failed to come off  her breathing tube, so for quality of life we opted for a trach. Third, Rylie also has a cleft lip and palate. Rylie is delayed because of fighting for her life, but we are slowly reaching some milestones, like sitting alone, which we celebrate.

Seeing as our session was only a few days before Halloween Riley got to show off her costume, though I’m not sure how impressed she was.

Rylie, it was wonderful to meet you. We will be thinking about you on the 22nd!

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