This is Us – 39 of 52

Indy went on a walkabout the other night. I was putting the kids to bed. Harrison was out of town on a hunting trip. Oh and Indy’s tag had fallen off, so he ended up in dog jail.


Indy’s mugshot

The trash panda was likely roaming alleys looking for his favourite type of meal and then made the incredibly intelligent decision to try to cross 149th Street. Lucky for us a car screeched to a stop and he was not seriously injured. The woman who found him cared for him while waiting for Animal Control and posted on Facebook about finding him.

On Saturday, Mav and I went to break him out of jail and pay the accompanying fines.

Sure hope they finish building the houses next door to us soon. When they excavated the lot (six months ago) our fence began falling in to the abyss and we could no longer close our gates properly, which obviously presents an issue for both kids and dogs. Next time we might not be so lucky.


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