Create Your Awesome

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and would have been my dad’s 62nd birthday.

My dad died by suicide in January of 2015.

Suicide and mental health are topics I openly talk about. My hope is by starting conversations with people I meet and continuing conversations with people I know, more people will feel comfortable reaching out for support or to support someone they are concerned about.

This year’s theme is “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”

Which brings me to Qi Creative, an organization here in Edmonton that I recently learned about. They are completely unrelated to suicide, but absolutely committed to the mental health of people with all types of abilities.

I love their whole About section of their website.

Their vision is to help youCreate YouR Awesome.

Their philosophy is perhaps my new favourite quote!

We all face challenges. They are part of life. Sometimes, they weigh us down and sometimes that can make us want to call it quits. We are Qi Creative and we believe that challenges can also help people grow. Each person has awesome strengths and talents that make them unique. Qi Creative believes in combining specialized passions with professional skills to help people use their strengths and talents to overcome challenges. Learning should be meaningful, fun, and every success is worth celebrating.

And their services include: success coaching for individuals with special needs, training opportunities for educators and healthcare professionals, and the Qi Adventure Club, which is what I have registered Kane for. The Qi Adventure Club offers people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn skills like: climbing, parkour, skiing, biking…

Qi Creative’s Resource page is also well worth perusing with tons of information for parents and educators alike.

Finally, their slogan is something I feel like we can all get behind, whether dealing with mental health, suicide, or working to overcome another type of challenge.

Collaborate. Create. Coach. Celebrate.

This may be my new mantra this year. I’m looking forward to learning more about this organization and connecting Kane in with them.


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