This is Us – 28 of 52

Last weekend the boys and I drove back up to Calgary, after spending our first week of summer vacation at Priest Lake. In the few short days we were in Calgary, we spent time with family, saw the Stampede Parade, went for a pancake breakfast, and took in the rodeo, which is always a highlight for the boys.


Three generations…

The boys were all taking turns with the camera. Here is one of Kane’s shots.


My boys sure were happy to spend time with their dad. Things are pretty busy for Harrison right now, so this was a much needed reprieve.

When Kane realized he had outgrown his cowboy boots from last year he was heartbroken. So here are his flashy new set, which he is now wearing ALL the time.

And the other half of the Priest Lake troublemakers…

Cole even got a shot with me in it!0707-kidpics-4

Thanks Bob, Carey and Ashley for organizing another great Stampede get together.

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