Voluntography – April 2018

Meet Nolan…

0407-Nolan-RMH-18Nolan was born at 33 weeks on May 17, 2017. He started out his hospital journey by spending two months in the NICU in Regina. Since then he has been back and forth to the hospital. Nolan has an extra chromosome. He and his family originally came to Edmonton in November for a VSD and ASD repair and they have been here ever since. Crystal, Nolan’s mom, joked, “Some people winter in Hawaii and we wintered in Edmonton this year.”

Crystal and her husband, Kevin, switch off being at the hospital with Nolan. The other one is at Ronald McDonald House with 3 year old Nathan. Crystal explained that mornings and evenings with Nolan are filled with lots of medical care, working on oral feeding and developmental tasks. In the afternoons they go for walks, read books and nap.

Before our session I asked if there were any details I ensure I photograph and Crystal wrote, “Just being together, especially the boys. Seeing their love for each other fills my heart and helps me not focus on the hard things. I want to remember those moments. It’s rare that we all are able to be together.”

I think we got some great shots of them being together.  Nolan and Nathan clearly have a very special bond.

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