This is 1/2 of Us – 14 of 52


Daddy and Kane stayed down in Palm Springs because of a conference, so this week it has just been Mav and I hanging out. We don’t have a lot of Mav and Mommy time so I think this has been good for both of us. Tonight, we made a date and headed over to Hide n Seek Indoor Playground.


Maverick wanted a picture with this random bear statue. He said “cheese” and everything. I was so sad ; )

Not getting too many photos in focus with my new camera, so I’m spending a little time reading to see if I can figure out how to change my autofocus. Any D750 users out there with tips on why it wouldn’t be autofocusing?

One thought on “This is 1/2 of Us – 14 of 52

  1. Must have quiet around the house…no, I don’t know how to change the “auto focus” on the Leica Camera…sorry! Miss you

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