This is Us – 2 of 52

I’m still regretting a photo I didn’t think to make last week. We were on a looooong car ride with the two boys in their car seats totally surrounded by gear. Ahhhh well, I’m sure there will be more opportunities for that.

This week we spent a little time at the Edmonton Public Library, though the books were not the boys’ primary focus.


The Wolfe Pack is heading off to the mountains this weekend. It has been 3 years since my dad died by suicide and my goal is to take this weekend as a family to regroup, enjoy some time together and make sure everyone in our family knows they are here for a reason.


The boys visiting with Grandad Dennis this past summer.

To read some of the history about what has happened please check out my blog posts tagged mental health. This is why my 2015 blog album hasn’t been done yet. It was a pretty heavy year.

Bell’s Let Talk Day is January 31st this year and I have begun seeing the ads everywhere. Thank god. Who are you talking to?

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