2017 Moments That Matter

Why relax over the holidays when I can catch up on a couple of courses and then reflect on my photography work from this year?!?

On our drive to and from Spokane, I finally had a chance to watch the videos from Felicia Chang’s Documenting the Unapologetic Life, which then lead me to purchase Kirsten Lewis’ Making Moment Driven Pictures. With all of this information swirling in my head, I have decided how I want to frame my 2018 project, which I’ll explain in more detail on Friday, but I also reviewed the images I made in 2017 with an eye for storytelling.

Here are my top ten storytelling images from my personal work this year. All of these you have seen before though I went back in and played with them a little bit based on the critiques I had watched.



This was harder than I expected because it is really difficult to take off my mom goggles and not just choose cute shots of my kids!

Please also check out my top ten hospital images.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “2017 Moments That Matter

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