Moments That Matter Vol. 46

This week’s story was a joint effort by Wolfe Pack Photography ; )

Over the long weekend the time-travelling twins and I headed out to visit friends in Vancouver. I did not bring my camera, but I did bring a point and shoot for Kane and Mav to experiment with, while I snapped a few iPhone photos. Here is our story…


Momma’s in a picture!

This week was also the first official meeting of the Mayfield Elementary Photography Club and their first project is to take a selfie.

Kane and Mav were just ahead of the game.

Car trips…

Granville Island…


Brittania Mine Museum

And the Vancouver Aquarium

There were a ton more photos and as we watched a slideshow of them all in iPhoto, Kane noticed that many of them were blurry. Mav on the other hand was enthralled by the videos he took at 6:00 in the morning of Rubble and his Paw Patrol vehicle!

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