Voluntography – October 2017

Meet Bella.

This little lady was born on June 14th at 25 weeks and she weighed just 1 lb 8oz. Her mom, Rae, explained “My husband and I got married on August 13th 2016, soon afterwards I was told I would never be able to have kids. Then by some miracle baby Bella was announced.”

As of September 22nd Bella had been a resident of the Royal Alex NICU for 100 days, meanwhile Rae has been staying at Ronald McDonald House and dad, Will, had to return home to Fairview.


When I met Bella and her mom she was had recently had eye surgery, been upgraded to a bed from an isolette and they were beginning to look at being discharged home. Bella’s been gaining so much weight that Rae is worried she won’t fit into her Halloween outfit by the time Halloween rolls around so we did a few pictures in that too!

When I asked Rae to describe Bella she wrote, “gorgeous, strong, and bossy”. Sounds like this little family has a lot to be thankful for.


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