Moments That Matter Vol. 39

After my post on Monday night about Bodhi and his family, which included my shameless plug for the Stollery Children’s Hospital’s Mighty Millions Lottery, we again made good use of the Stollery’s services on Tuesday night.

Kane went down on his elbow when he tripped on a curb as we were heading to swimming lessons. We went anyways thinking it was just going to be a bruise. And figures the poor kid’s mom had forgotten his swimsuit and he had to swim in his undies! About halfway through his lesson, it was fairly obvious that this was more than just a bruise. So we headed for what is still one of Kane’s favourite places, the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Mav was upset that he didn’t get to come to the hospital, too.



Luckily, there was no break. The half cast is more for protection and comfort because there is a “positive posterior fat pad on his right elbow”. Basically, he has a fluid sack, likely blood, which makes it painful to move. Kane has a follow up appointment next week.

As always a big thank you to the staff at the Stollery. We love you.

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