Voluntography – September 2017

Meet Bodhi.


This little man and his parents, Kristen and Matt, are another one of the families that I have been shooting at the Stollery Children’s Hospital NICU for the antenatal app project I am involved it. They also happen to be staying at Ronald McDonald House and were open to sharing their story here.

0913-NICU-RAH-31Here is some of what Kristen shared with me,

We have been together 12 years. Married last summer. We have two dogs, Moto and Haven. We worked very hard to make Bodhi and we’re so excited for his arrival. Bodhi was born in Grande Prairie at the QE2 Hospital and was initially admitted to their NICU. Bodhi struggled day in and day out and was therefore sent to the NICU at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH). Bodhi had many investigations throughout his week long stay at RAH. From there it was determined that Bodhi had a tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF) and would require surgery. Bodhi was then shipped to the Stollery Children’s Hospital where he underwent his first surgery at two weeks old! Bodhi struggled with failed extubations over and over again with the team realizing that Bodhi was consistently requiring respiratory support for unknown reasons. Upon further investigation it was discovered that Bodhi had experienced a complication of the TEF repair surgery. His vocal cords were paralyzed and due to this the vocal cords were basically closing off his trachea. With this news our family was faced with the fact that Bodhi would now require a tracheostomy and a GTube. This was devastating and soon we would realize that this would really effect our lives from this point forward. We have continued to fight as a family and the days have only gotten better and better with mom and dad learning how to care for Bodhi with his “extra holes.” Our little family will be in the hospital for 2-3 more months but look very forward to bringing Bodhi home!

Bodhi was less than a week post G-tube and trach surgery and both he and his parents are handling it beautifully!


When I asked Bodhi’s parents to describe him, they wrote “strong, goofy, adorable, heroic, fighter”

Keep on fighting, Bodhi! We’re rooting for you.


Interested in supporting the Stollery Children’s Hospital? Their Mighty Millions Lottery is on now. I just got my tickets.

3 thoughts on “Voluntography – September 2017

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  2. Praying for your wee one. Our son has a little girl born 1lbs7oz. Mom had placenta privia & delivered at 26 weeks. They said she had to abort & they said “NO WAY”. Norah Joy is now 2 yrs. She is thriving. Bodhi will come through this. Our God is an awesome God…blessings…GRANNY♥️

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