Moments That Matter Vol. 33

The boys and I are on Vancouver Island for the final weeks of the wedding season. This past weekend Nana Cheryl had the boys, while I attended my friend Eva’s wedding on Pender Island (more to come on that in another post.) I even got to meet up with friends in Victoria and spend some much appreciated solo time before reuniting with Kane, Mav, and Nana for a little side trip to Saturna Island, while the ferry schedule was on our side. On our way back up to Cowichan Lake yesterday, in preparation for my sister Natalie’s wedding, I requested we stop at Koksilah River.


I have never been to Koksilah, but for the last two years I have felt a pretty powerful draw. This is where my dad was found after he went missing.


For some of the back story link to my post, Let’s Talk, or this Times Colonist article.

It wasn’t what I imagined based on the details I have learned.

It was beautiful.

It was peaceful.

I’m grateful my dad had this place that he could go when he was feeling overwhelmed…to walk…to think…to be.


Kane and Mav knew we were going to a place that was special to Grandad. And though they certainly didn’t realize the significance of Koksilah, I was so glad to have them there. As always, their energy and enthusiasm require I be present in the moment and is also the perfect reminder to be grateful for what I have.

I found myself wondering how many rocks my dad threw in this same spot… and I was reminded again that Maverick never had the chance to meet my dad.

Tomorrow, my sister, Erin, and her husband, Chris, arrive from Scotland, in fact they are probably en route as I write this. Natalie will also be driving down to the lake for a few days of relaxing before wedding events kick off. My husband, Harrison, will fly in later in the week, in time to meet up with Steve’s family and friends for a BBQ. And my brother, Brendan, will get here by the skin of his teeth, just in time to deliver what I’m sure will be a phenomenal wedding speech. These people will all be there to celebrate Natalie and Steve. My dad won’t. 0817-Koksilah-18

As I was taking this photo, it dawned on me that my hope for my boys is that they will always be able to find their way back up to their people.

I wish that for you as well.

4 thoughts on “Moments That Matter Vol. 33

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Kristy. Precious times with your boys and a happy event for your family. I hope you find peace and tranquility there. Love to all. S

  2. Lovely piece Kristy, I too have driven by Koksilah and thought I might stop but never have, it is not what we imagined the place to be either, It truly looks gentle, peaceful and a welcoming place to be. You do a wonderful job memorializing Dennis.

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