Lensbaby Photo Essay

Let me start off this post by saying I don’t like guns. I don’t let my students bring toy guns to school. I try to steer them away from writing about violence. I have never shot a gun. And yet here I am married to a man who hunts, with two little boys who can turn absolutely anything into a gun…fingers, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, brooms…the list goes on. At this point in time Kane’s chosen game is police, which obviously involves guns. So now I find myself saying things like “Only shoot at other people who have a gun”, “Don’t bring that gun in the house”, “Remember police use guns as their last resort” and “If you aren’t being kind to your brother I’m going to take that gun away.” Ridiculous! And yet I realize I can not control all of this. My husband is quite good at talking with our boys about gun safety, even just writing that freaked me out. I don’t plan to pick up a gun and learn to shoot. I don’t plan to buy my kids guns. But I have to find a way to survive all these boys, and what I can only determine is a genetic predisposition to guns, or I will lose my mind!

Having said that the perfect story unfolded while we were at the lake and my final assignment for my Lensbaby class was to shoot a narrative or thematic story using my Lensbaby. I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that it involves guns.


Mom of boys signing off.

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