Moments That Matter Vol. 29

On the drive down to Priest Lake I came across a Lensbaby class offered by Clickin Moms. It was the first time I had opened one of their promotional emails in a long time, but, as seems to be the case recently, the perfect opportunity fell into my lap. I have owned a Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 optic for at least a year and have played with it at times, but never really learned how to use it properly. What better time than during my summer off from teaching, while hanging out at the lake!

The first week of the class I only had my Nikon D90 with my 24-70mm lens, kind of my go to for the lake, so I played around with shooting stationary and moving objects (yep my kids) in manual focus.

Last weekend, Harrison brought me my Nikon D700 with my Lensbaby and I’ve begun playing with that…0718-lensbaby-0010718-lensbaby-0090719-lensbaby-024

Stayed tuned for more Lensbaby play.

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