Moments That Matter Vol. 24

June has been more than a little busy and I haven’t had the chance desire to pick up the camera with my boys, so this week showcases some of my grade one class’s recent field trip to Fort Edmonton Park. This is my favourite field trip of the year and I love their program, My World: Exploring the Past, in support of our Social Studies curriculum, which tours us through Edmonton in 1885. Clearly, the best part is the schoolhouse!




Same but different?


The kids got a kick out of the punishments students used to endure. 

This year I spent more time documenting the life of a grade one. Each of my students has a photo book with photos from field trips and other activities throughout the year. Their job has been to write a caption and in some cases a “hamburger” paragraph about each image and this is what will go home with them at the end of the year.

Now, I just have to find more little 4×6 photo albums for next year…I bought out every dollar store I found that carried them!

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