Voluntography – June 2017

Meet Indy. This little beauty is just one of the warriors I have been so excited to photograph over the last few weeks.


On my Facebook page I have been alluding to a project that has fallen into my lap was clearly destined for me. Are you ready? The photos I am taking of families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be used by hospital staff to create tools and other materials to assist in antenatal consultations with families preparing for an NICU stay. See what I mean?!? This is my photography dream!!

Indy and her parents, Micah and Jordan, are one of the families I am shooting for this project, but they are also staying at Ronald McDonald House and were open to sharing their story here.

When I asked Micah about their story this is what she wrote…

Jordan and I found out at our 20 week ultrasound that something was wrong with our baby. We were completely devastated to say the least. We were told that they (we didn’t know the gender at the time) would need open heart surgery to repair a serious heart defect. At the time they weren’t exactly sure what the heart defect was but Indy has now been diagnosed with Coarctation of the Aorta as well as a small left ventricle. She has had surgery on her aortic arch to widen it so that she can have the proper blood flow to her lower limbs. At this time she hasn’t had surgery on the left ventricle because they hope that it will grow adequately with time. Indy has had many complications after her initial surgery and has now also been diagnosed with Chylothorax as well as a half paralyzed diaphragm (both complications from the heart surgery). She had a second surgery to try and help the Chylothorax that unfortunately was unsuccessful which has kept us in hospital a lot longer than we had hoped. She will be going for her 3rd surgery this week to try and fix her diaphragm. We have been in hospital for 2 months total now and have no idea how much longer we will need to stay here. Unfortunately there is no cure for Chylothorax so we will be staying until it has decided to heal itself.


Micah had the best response when I asked for 3 words to describe Indy…

Sassy (like her Auntie Raya), particular (like her Mother), attention seeking lol (like her father) – basically she’s a little brat lol, but she has the right to be and these qualities make her a real fighter.


I agree Indy…photo shoots are exhausting. I’ll be thinking about you. Keep fighting!

4 thoughts on “Voluntography – June 2017

  1. She is SO CUTE and I LOVE how you describe your daughter. In the end no matter what other traits she holds there is one she will ALWAYS carry with her and that is a TRUE FIGHTER ! Congrats on this precious gift and the continued journey to come. Love you all .. HUGS !

  2. My Heart goes out to you… I a mother of premie twins born way to early… Are thriving now… but I remember the stay at the NCIU all too well… Be Strong… you can do it…
    And take all the help you can get and don’t forget to ask… And don’t forget to breathe

    Sending good thoughts

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