Moments That Matter Vol. 15

Project #dinolove has been reinstated!


Harrison and Brendan went on a mission and found him in the backyard with a flashlight. I swear I looked in that same spot three different times.


Dino returns and is right at home!


The four most important toys Mav’s life. We often see these guys lined up together.


I missed the 10th, so this a throwback to a shot I liked from the beginning of the project that I haven’t been able to capture again.


How could I forget the lensbaby?

When Dino went missing I jumped on board with this year’s edition of the o’clock project. Click here to read Kelly of Fiddle Leaf Photography’s blog post about the project. I decided to shoot at 7 o’clock, or shortly after. The following are a couple of my favourites to date.

You can follow my projects on Instagram @kristy.wolfe or check out what others are doing #oclockproject2017.

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