Moments That Matter Vol. 14

.My final mentoring assignment courtesy of Kelly of Fiddle Leaf Photography was to shoot “something” for 15 days (or 30 if I really wanted to hate the object by the end of it!) Recently, Maverick has been carrying around an orange, plastic dinosaur from a birthday party and a finger skateboard everywhere so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.


Preferred carrying method


Breakfast buddy


Dino bath

“Check out these skills!”


Dino’s first dentist appointment (both of them)




“You want a picture of this guy?”

Harrison and I had our first kid free weekend for our 6th anniversary, and Dino came along for the ride. Mav and Dino were reunited again on Sunday, for a relaxing car seat nap.


Bedtime detective work

Missing Dino…so project #dinolove is on a little hiatus while we search. The skateboard has been found. There is still hope.

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