Moments that Matter Vol. 8

I was inspired this week by a fellow Edmonton photographer, Katie Slivorski, who is part of The Brotherhood Project, photographers documenting their sons. Here is how they explain their mission…

We are a group of photographers who have the privilege of mothering more than one boy. Brothers. They are loud, wild, messy, strong, active, and often times smelly. But they can also be sweet, calm, tender, sensitive, organized, and frequently surprise us with their gentle hearts. As moms, we tend to document just that, how we see them. Because it is only natural for our cameras to be driven by our own perspective. But there is another relationship worth documenting. Brotherhood.

Love it. And love that this weekend my boys are all hanging out while I have a some mommy free time in Canmore. Woot woot. Thanks Harrison!!

“Our” Bed – B&W version 

“Our”Bed – low light version

Most nights this is how I find my boys when I go to check on them. I will miss this, but not the chaos of when they are awake!!



Original Post: This Week in Pictures Vol. 32 from August 8, 2016perso

Re-edit vs Original

Throwback Diptych

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