Moments that Matter Vol. 7

May be a little early in the season, but the bikes came out this week. And Daddy pulled a MacGyver and rigged a system to help Kane learn how to ride his pedal bike without breaking our backs! Plus it was my favourite love day.


Plan for the Pedals

Just Another Mavrage

Heart Day 

Kane is our heart warrior. He joined the zipper club 3 years ago. My Heart Warrior and a more recent post about a visit to Kane’s cardiologist, This Week in Pictures Vol. 17, offer more details if you’re interested. The monkey bouquets from the Madden DeLuca Foundation were a big hit! The boys have been chasing each other around with the monkeys all week.



Original Post: This Week in Pictures Vol. 21 from May 27, 2016

Re-edit vs Original: I re-watched the video Kelly of Fiddle Leaf Photography sent me last week as part of my mentoring package and am just experimenting with the different steps in her process. A big step seeing as my process was to click on the Lightroom black and white option and possibly mess with contrast and shadows if I was feeling ambitious!

Throwback Diptych: Kelly’s suggestion in my portfolio review was to get an overhead shot of the scoresheet to use in a diptych. Yep…looking back that would have been perfect. Here’s what I have instead. Not entirely sure which one would be the detail shot. I guess the one where Kane is keeping score.

Wishing you a Happy ❤ Month! 

The photos on the front of our card are thanks to Gin Quist Photography and the card itself was created by Claire of Be Marry Invitations.

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