Moments that Matter Vol. 6

So I mentioned in my last post that this year I am investing in my photography by doing some one-on-one mentoring with Kelly Marleau of Fiddle Leaf Photography. She recently unveiled mentoring packages to support photographers in developing and refining their style or just falling in love with photography again. I find I fall into both of these categories to some degree and I am so excited for the assignments she has given me.

Throughout February I will be creating diptychs which are two images that are strong enough to stand on their own but are even more powerful when paired together. My goal is to get a storytelling image and then reinforce it with a second image that focuses on a detail. This fits perfectly with my plan to reduce the number of images I use to tell a story! So here goes…

Trade Me

Hanging On

Prior to Kelly and I meeting up for our chat last week I had sent her a portfolio with 20 images from 2016 that I love. One of the things she did was review each image and offer constructive criticism (which is definitely what I need at this point). Kelly was really great about pointing out the things that were done well and getting me to think about how to make the image even better. Overall, my post-processing is where I am going to be focusing some time in the coming weeks. She has been showing me how to use the tone curve and the HSL panel in Lightroom to refine my black and white processing. So over the next four weeks I am going to go back and re-edit one B&W image from my portfolio to include in my weekly posts. Then I figured since I’m also completing my diptychs assignment I would choose another image from that sequence to re-edit and showcase along with it.



Original post: This Week in Pictures Vol. 2 from January 15, 2016

Re-edit vs Original: This week I began playing with more of the sliders, especially scary ones like clarity and orange luminance, as well as experimenting with using the radial filter.

Throwback Diptych

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