Moments that Matter Vol. 5

This week was the last week of the Moments that Matter January challenge. I really enjoyed the daily prompts and thinking about how to capture each word. I also like that because I was often using my iPhone I was able to easily get in the frame more often. But as I was saying to my friend, Cuc, because I’m using my iPhone more I never take out my big girl camera!

Day 26 – Treat: Yes, Mr. Wolfe you can have that one. #orillhuffandillpuff


Day 28 – Here: I love babywearing. Sometimes I feel like we’ve finished with this stage and then this guy will ask for the “backpack”. #illwearyourbaby


Day 29 – Learn: Met up with @fiddleleafphoto for a mentoring session today. Ready to conquer the radial filter world. #lovetolearn


Day 30 – Small: Stay tuned for a blog with this little dude’s session!


Day 31 – Joy: The feeling you have when you are out on a date night with your hubby even after the babysitter canceled! Thank you to @smashly1982 and@vandecrash for sending us to a cooking class (that paired wine with every course!) #datenight


Day 27 – Light: This guy lights up my life. Date night for my birthday. Yep, you heard right, we went out twice in one week! PS Thank you for all the birthday wishes today. #birthdaylove #playingcatchup

And here’s my birthday card from Harrison. Yes it’s on the back of the grocery list. Good thing there was something sparkly that went with it ; )

So that wraps up my January photo challenge. But coincidentally, I just received an email from Kelly of Fiddle Leaf Photography with my assignments. I am doing one of Kelly’s one-on-one mentoring sessions and based on what we discussed over coffee the other day she has come up with some assignments geared to help me develop my photography further. Time to break out the big girl camera again. So excited! Happy birthday to me!

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