Moments that Matter Vol. 4

Day 19 – You: A little classroom action of yours truly. The most entertaining of these shots had kid’s faces with the gears turning as they tried to figure out how the camera was working by itself! #remoteandatripod


Day 20 – Treasure: This collage of our family is something I treasure. We did this session with @ginquistphotography in the fall. We did our first session with her two years ago and plan to do another again in 2018. #getintheframe #familyphotosmatter


Day 21 – Play: Nothing like dressing up and destroying someone else’s house! #dinneroutwithkids


Day 22 – Need: A nap after a family swimming outing. #hairtwirling


Day 23 – Bonus: The trees look amazing in Edmonton right now. #wishihadmybiggirlcamera #hoarfrostismyfavourite


Day 24: Slow: Meeting a girlfriend for a glass of wine. Hubby heading out of town for four days. #calmbeforethestorm


Day 25 – Wish: I wish I had been more open with my dad. Though it has been two years since his passing today is still a tough day. I will keep talking about mental health. I will keep teaching my grade one students about strategies to advocate for themselves. I will share hospital experiences with other hospital parents. I will listen if you need to talk. I will remember those who didn’t feel comfortable talking about what they were experiencing. I can’t take a picture of my dad with his grandkids. I wish I could. #bellletstalk

Just one more week of this Moments that Matter challenge, but another 47 weeks of 2017 posts!

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