Moments that Matter Vol. 3

Third week into my January challenge…


Day 12 – Reflection: How come babies always want to be up when I’m trying to cook? You may wonder why Mav is wearing a helmet and a backpack. Me, too. #momofboys


Day 13 – Together: Famoso pizza, gelato, helmet and Big Hero 6 on Netflix…the Wolfe Pack had a picnic in the basement. #familynight


Day 14 – Sweet: Just happened to have a newborn session today. Big brother was counting his new sister’s toes. #shehasten


Day 15 – Make: Lego time because Mav is napping! #fouryearoldfun


Day 16 – Outdoors: Balancing in these things is tough! #goingtotheshow


Day 17 – Sleep: Baby toes


Day 18 – Right Now: I want my Wednesday morning cappuccino! #humpdaycaffeine

To find out more about this project take a peek at my post, Moments that Matter  or go to #momentsmatter2017.

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