Moments That Matter Vol. 2

The story…

The project…


Day 5 – View: Just my husband and I on the chairlift at Marmot Basin. We put the littles in the daycare for the day. The other view was in the bar for Bailey’s and hot chocolate! #toocoldforphotos


Day 6 – Home: We are out of town right now, but this was Kane’s first time drawing out family. It was in a Christmas card he made us at daycare. Daddy is on the right with the long pink legs and lipstick, then mommy, then Kane with “yellow hair” and Mav. Home is where these guys are. Even if they are all having meltdowns or acting like lunatics. #theyaremylunatics


Day 7 – Colour: Are you kidding me? I was all ready to go with a photo of blue and yellow lawn chairs against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. But this is my moment instead. Mav and I had a lot of moments this trip. He and I had lots of one on one time which we both needed. #mavragehappenedlater


Day 8 – Gratitude: Gratitude to my husband for knowing me so well. And recognizing when I need little me time. Oh, and to my 4 year old for wanting to take pictures of us!


Day 9 – To Do: Back to work equals back to chaos!


Day 10 – Hold On: Quite literally! Hold on so you don’t fall out of bed! #bigboybed #stillasleep


Day 11 – Still: A moment to myself #stilltakingpictures

To find out more about this January project take a peek at last week’s blog or here #momentsmatter2017.

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